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Clean Sweep Farm has an extensive lesson program to fit the needs of riders of all ages and at all skill levels. At the foundation of our program is our lesson horses. We consider our tried-and-true school masters to be one of our most valuable assets. Our lesson program consists of several levels with specific tasks defined at each level. Here's a look at lesson program levels and the associated confidence-building tasks:

Beginner. Mounting & dismounting; holding the reins properly; two-point at the walk & trot; posting; steering; voice commands; basic control; spacing in the arena; basic terms (inside hand, outside hand, halt); steering through cones at the walk; reversing; positioning of stirrups; drop and pick up stirrups at the walk; correct cornering; starting and stopping the horse.

Advanced Beginner. Level 1 - Dropping & picking up stirrups at the trot; riding bareback; sitting trot; re-establish basics; learning diagonals; steering through cones at a trot. Level 2 - Posting trot/no stirrups; sitting trot/no stirrups; picking up correct diagonal immediately; circling; riding with two reins.

Intermediate. Level 1 - 'Equitation' two-point at the trot; canter with stirrups; canter leads; circle at the canter; using bridle to maintain horse's balance; diagonal cuts; diagonal passes. Level 2 - Straight lines off rail at trot and canter; two-point at canter/no stirrups; circling at canter/no stirrups; learning how to set a horse's head; simple straight line workouts; ride more difficult horses bareback; diagonal changes in the air; reverse and trot.

Advanced. Incorrect leads on and off rail; making consistent 16-20 stride circles off the rail; lead changes on and off the rail; pivots; figure eights; serpentine - regular & inverted; multiple lead changes on and off the rail; workouts become more complex; cantering through cones maintaining leads; equitation two-point/no stirrups for an increased period of time; lead changes out of middle of arena.

Lesson Pricing - Cost is $40 per lesson. For your convenience, we've included a printable copy of our Lesson Form which needs to be completed and signed in order to participate in our program. In addition to our Lesson program, we offer Day Camp and Academy programs.

Lesson Policy - If you are late in canceling our lessons, you will be charged for those missed lessons and you run the risk of losing your time slot! You must cancel 24 hours before your lesson, or you will be charged for the time it takes us to get your horse ready. You will not be able to ride until your last lessons are paid for - NO EXCEPTIONS! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
We really appreciate it when you cancel/reschedule your lessons in a timely manner and also when you arrive for your lesson on time! Clean Sweep Equestrians
We have something for everyone at Clean Sweep Farm and visitors are always welcomed. For more information about our programs or upcoming events, please Contact Us. We hope to see you soon at Clean Sweep Farm!
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